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Introduction of Luzhou Vocational and Technical College (LVTC)

Luzhou Vocational and Technical College (LVTC), with approval of Ministry of Education and People's Government of Sichuan Province, was established as a comprehensive and full-time vocational college of higher education. It occupies an area of 756 Mu, and its occupied area will extend to 940 Mu in the Construction of the new campus. It has been granted the titles of “Provincial Demonstration Higher Vocational Institute”,“Garden Unit”, “Provincial Excellent Unit of Students’ Employment” and “Municipal Unit of Civilization”. In 2014, it was authorized with another title of Luzhou Technician College by Sichuan Provincial People's Government.
    LVTC has set 14 schools and departments: School of Business, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Constructive Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Humanities and Social Science, Department of Foreign Language, Department of Arts, Department of Political and Ideological Teaching and Researching, Department of Basis Courses, Training Center, Further Education Institute, School of Liquor, and School of New and High-Tech Development Zone, including 39 majors involving in machinery, automobile, construction, business, electronics, information, biological engineering, finance, tourism, teachers’ education, etc. The college has over 9,000 enrolled students.
    1. College’s History and Characteristics
    LVTC has a glorious tradition, excellent ethos and rich experiences in higher education. Its origin can be traced back to Jingwei School of South Sichuan which was founded in 1901. Following the principles of targeting the needs of society, developing the professional skills, cultivating the talents, the thoughts of inheriting one-hundred-year culture, serving local industries and promoting regional development, the strategies of survival and development of the college by quality, cultivation of the college by culture and promotion of the college by talents and the college motto of striving unceasingly and being diligent, the college devotes to cultivate the technical, comprehensive and skillful students. The college has formed a four-party-cooperation system (i.e. government, industrial zones, enterprises and college), in which the four parties get together to run the college, train the students, work for their employment and mutual development, share the achievements and burden the responsibilities. The college has also improved the school-running mode which is called “Five Integrations” (i.e. the integration of government and college, college and enterprises, specialties and industry, work and learning, research and development). Laying great emphasis on local economic development, it insists on service-oriented and employment-oriented strategies, promotes the integration of production, teaching and technology and aims at cultivating high-quality professionals.
    2. Faculty, Staff and Teaching Facilities
    There are 552 faculty and staff in all, including 450 full-time teachers (their professional ranks are as follows: 15 professors and 105 associate professors and senior engineers and lab technicians, 260 doctors and masters) and 2 foreign teachers. Moreover, over 20 teachers have been entitled of "Excellent Expert with Distinguished Contribution of Sichuan Province" and " Leading Candidate in Sichuan Province" and "Leading Scholars in Luzhou City" and "Excellent Experts in Luzhou City"; 12"College Academic and technical leaders"; 19 "College Professional leaders" and 62 “Young and Mid-aged Experienced Faculty and Staff”. There are 251 double-professional teachers such as programmers, engineers, and constructors, 2 provincial excellent teaching teams of Sichuan, 11 excellent teaching teams of LVTC. Over 200 industry experts, managers and experienced technicians constitute a part-time teaching group.
LVTC modern library boasts about more than 482,000 volumes of books and 18TB digital resources. It owns the Arts and Humanities center, engineering training center, Yujie quality-education base, a standard athletics playground and a tennis court. The Electrical & Electronic Training Base and the Automation Technology Training Base are supported by the state finance. There are 223 labs and training rooms, 29 School practice base and 110 off-campus training bases as well.
    3. Scientific Research Achievements and Social Services
    LVTC has accomplished 1 research project of the State Ministry of Science and Technology, and 84 provincial scientific research items. They are: 218 Municipal scientific research items, 174 college items and 58authorized items by enterprises. Many awards are granted including 3 “Provincial Teaching Achievement Award”, 21 “Provincial Education and Research Achievement Award”, 9 “Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Award”, 39 “Municipal Achievement in Philosophy and Social Science Award” and 41 “LVTC Teaching Achievement Award”. In recent years, our teachers have issued over 320 papers in core journals (6 papers in the first class professional journal Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 20 in EI and ISTP). Teachers have acquired 32 patents, constructed 5 provincial excellent course, 18 provincial teaching reform projects, 1 provincial excellent textbook, 122 teaching reform projects and 60 LVTC excellent courses.
    LVTC is authorized as the "national vocational skills identification", in which it can offer 8 kinds of testing stations and 68 vocational skill tests, involving mechanism and manufacturing, the electronic and electric, construction, management and service, computer and information and teachers' professional skills. Furthermore, LVTC is active in promoting further education and vocational education in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan. It was granted as “National vocational core competency training and certification program training base”,“Provincial high skilled personnel training base”“SYB Training Base for Grassroots Cadres of Provincial Committee Organization Department’s”, “The Demonstration Unit of Sichuan Tourism Practical Talents Development”, “Sichuan Accountant Training Base", the “Rural Grassroots Cadres’ Training Base of the Municipal Committee Organization Department” and “The Training Base of Luzhou high skill talents” .
    4. Students’ Skill Competition and Employment
    In recent years, students improved the overall quality and obtained outstanding results in all kinds of competitions. In the past three years, over 800 students have been awarded in all kinds of competitions, such as Honda Chinese energy-saving competition, National Electronic Design and Skill Competition for Electronic Professionals, National Marketing Contest among colleges, National Service Skill Contest among Tourism Schools, Electronic Design Contest and Tourism Art Design Contest for Sichuan Collegians.
    LVTC has set up cooperation with over 1000 enterprises, including Luzhou Laojiao Group Corporation, Sichuan Langjiu Group Corporation, Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, Yibin Wuliangye Group Corporation, Volvo Car Group Corporation, Intel Corporation, Foxconn Group, Konka, Jingdongfang science and technology Co. Ltd, The Fifth Bureau of China Railway Group Corporation, The Eighth Engineering Division of China Construction Co. and Sichuan Huashi Co. Ltd. It has built up a stable employment network mainly in the economic zones of Luzhou, Chongqing and Chengdu, including the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, which are the reliable employment guarantee for the graduates. LVTC’s graduate employment rate has maintained over 97% for 9 consecutive years. According to the “2012 Annual Report on Graduates' Employment, Pre-warning and Key Industry Talent Supply of Sichuan Provincial Demonstration and National Backbone Colleges”, LVTC graduates’ employment competitiveness ranks fifth in the 15 Demonstration Vocational Colleges, and graduates’ basic working ability and core knowledge capability rank the first among higher vocational colleges in Sichuan.

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